Retrofitting Mechanical Insulation in Existing Buildings

Posted by |Industry News|June 1, 2018


Building insulation is often a reality that is out of sight, out of mind. Yet the advances in energy saving are light-years ahead of the old fiberglass and asbestos panels old buildings used to use—and very often still have.

Cost-Saving Maintenance of Mechanical Insulation

Retrofitting your building or facility with mechanical insulation is a way to upgrade quickly to the energy saving levels that will drop utility bills while enhancing the longevity of your building components such as equipment, plumbing infrastructure, and more. The technological advances of retrofitting with the highest-quality mechanical insulation can save a business owner hundreds of dollars in annual energy loss.

The out of sight, out of mind factor leads to tremendous loss of energy efficiency while invisibly increasing the wear and damage of stored equipment and other business-critical infrastructure due to issues of condensation, airflow temperatures and other significant environmental factors.

The amount and quality of insulation within an existing building is also a critical issue for business and building owners/operators to be aware of. A common mistake made before opening a new business center is the failure to properly replace insulation after removal, when there has been a servicing or replacement of pipes or valves.

Retrofitting: Cost-Effective Approach for Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Neglecting to correct existing building insulation insufficiency can mean losing the opportunity for positive returns on an investment.

Taking steps to protect valuable property and building components can be ignored if a business owner is too focused on maintaining the status quo without making industry-established corrections for savings and efficiency that were not as readily available before this past decade.

Correction of past insulation inefficiencies is a powerful, responsible way to upgrade your energy awareness while serving your own profit margins in the process. Mechanical insulation retrofitting is one of the fastest pathways to energy savings and responsibility available today.

Discover how NCMI helped RockTenn Paper in Sheldon Springs, VT save energy with mechanical insulation.

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