Saving the world, one piece of insulation at a time.

Here at North Country we are committed to practicing environmental and social responsibility in every aspect of our work. The nature of what we do revolves around increasing the efficiency of other companies and facilitating their journey to becoming more environmentally friendly and reducing their carbon footprint.

Doing our part

Since we began in 1988, we have been advocates for reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. We have ground ourselves in helping businesses and facilities save money and resources through the installation of high quality, low cost mechanical insulation.

Atop our warehouse and office in our South Burlington location, Green Mountain Energy Design installed 384 solar modules that can produce enough power to provide several homes and businesses with solar energy! That, paired with the installation of LED bulbs throughout the facility has resulted in a drastic drop in energy usage now from a renewable source.

Additionally, we order our material in bulk from local companies to reduce freight emissions.

Social Responsibility

NCMI is a member of Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility (VBSR): a statewide, nonprofit business association with a mission to foster sustainable economic prosperity and encourage cooperation between likeminded businesses. We attend events throughout Vermont and collaborate with other sustainable and socially responsible companies.

At NCMI we do our best to retain our employees and keep them happy and productive. We pay our employees above industry standard and provide the majority with company vehicles. In exchange we hold them to specific guidelines that we call being ‘on PATH’ which stands for:

  • Professional
  • Are Committed & Reliable
  • Take Initiative
  • Have Integrity

We show our appreciation for our employees’ hard work by throwing BBQ’s during company meetings, providing Champlain Valley Fair tickets, hosting an annual Christmas party with events, catering, entertainment, and award recognition for exceptional work based on our PATH program.

Organizations We Support

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