Local Efficiency Insulation Rebates

Posted by |Industry News|May 11, 2021


Rebates from local energy companies or state programs, make our insulation projects more affordable and attractive, reducing the already low payback period for the project.

There are several steps to obtaining a rebate:

  1. Site Visit
  2. 3E Plus Calculation
  3. Working with local Efficiency Program/Energy Company
  4. Obtain Rebate

During our visit where we gather relevant information from an insulation energy appraisal, NCMI works directly with companies like Vermont Gas, Efficiency Vermont, and NH Saves. We process the information we gather through NAIMA’s 3E Plus program which allows us to get an estimate for the reduction in BTUs and dollars saved annually.

The Efficiency Program/Company double checks our calculation and awards the incentive based on factors including projected payback period and energy reduction.

From complete overhauls to small projects,  reach out to us to coordinate a mechanical insulation energy appraisal.

Insulation Rebate Finder
Berkshire Gas
Vermont Gas
Efficiency VT
NH Saves

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