NCMI provides mechanical insulation products and services that significantly boost energy efficiency and reduce unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions and unnecessary fuel expenditure. Mechanical insulation regulates surface temperature, prevents loss of energy, controls condensation, and protects the safety and health of building occupants. Additional benefits of mechanical insulation include noise reduction and fire safety make insulating systems a critical step in optimizing the energy use of your facility.

  • Process ControlMechanical insulation helps maintain the temperature of a process system, reducing heat or cold loss and keeping temperature at desired levels.
  • Personnel ProtectionMechanical insulation for heating and cooling systems keeps people safe by protecting them from extreme temperatures, vapor, and liquid.
  • Freeze ProtectionFrozen pipes or equipment could result in damage or failure to the system causing costly repairs and unnecessary downtime. Investing in mechanical insulation now saves money in the long run.
  • Energy Conservation & Cost SavingsBy helping to regulate operating temperatures within desired levels, mechanical insulation helps save energy, – and your energy budget.
  • Condensation ControlMechanical insulation shields the covered surface from varying ambient temperatures and dew points; creating a vapor barrier to protect the surface and prevent condensation and vapor build up.
  • Fire/Life SafetyProper mechanical insulation can help prevent fires, or provide fire resistance making your building a safer place for staff, visitors, and occupants.
  • Noise ControlThe noise-dampening benefits of mechanical insulation make for a quiet, productive workplace.
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