Mechanical Insulation Case Studies: Resources for Proving ROI

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If you are looking for mechanical insulation case studies that show the ROI of an insulation investment, you’ve come to the right place. This collection of case studies and industry reports demonstrates the significant benefits industrial insulation provides.

The wide range of case studies provided below shows how vitally important mechanical insulation is for any commercial or industrial application. From process control to fuel cost savings and greenhouse gas reduction, the real facilities documented in these studies unquestionably show the ROI of mechanical insulation systems.

We hope you find this collection of resources helpful! Click the links below to be taken to the insulation case studies.

U.S. Department of Energy “Save Energy Now” Program

These case studies provide true testimony to the importance of properly installed insulation. The U.S. Department of Energy’s Save Energy Now program utilized professional insulation installments to improve efficiency and mechanical system effectiveness. There are 10 case studies available at the link below:

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Mechanical Insulation Design Guide Case Studies

As part of a program for the National Institute of Building Sciences, the Whole Building Design Guide provides resources and guidance for designing high-performance buildings. The Mechanical Insulation Design portion of the guide contains several relevant case studies about the impact of mechanical insulation on real facilities.

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Go to the Energy Supplier Case Study

Mechanical Insulation Installer Case Study

At NCMI, we have performed countless insulation installations that have helped facilities solve their challenges. Here is one example of how a manufacturing plant was able to solve one of its major challenges, which was moisture protection.

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NIA Schools and Hospitals Report

In 2011, the National Insulation Association conducted a study on mechanical insulation in hospitals and schools. They analyzed 14 commercial buildings and discovered that insulation is critical in schools, hospitals and other commercial buildings for the efficient operation of the energy distribution systems

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Product Case Studies – Aspen Aerogel Insulation

Aspen Aerogel manufactures industrial aerogel insulation for a wide variety of applications. Their case studies not only demonstrate the value of their own products, but show the benefits of mechanical insulation systems in general for many industries, including oil, petrochemical, transportation, and commercial applications.

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Product Case Studies – Armacell

Armacell manufactures high quality flexible insulation foams. Their Job Stories showcase the positive results prominent projects from a wide variety of industries. Examples include the Anheuser-Busch brewery, Empire State Building, and Miami International Airport. There are over 20 case studies available at the link below:

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We are always looking for additional resources to add to our collection. If you find a mechanical insulation case study you’d like to share, feel free to let us know!

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