How Long Will Our Natural Resources Last?

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The real truth is very stark when it comes to the planet’s natural resources and just how long the world’s supply of oil, zinc, silver, coal, gold, platinum and other essential elements will be around. Just imagine the state of the planet if and when these natural resources have been used up.

One way to do your part is to be involved in energy savings in order to reduce your own carbon footprint by utilizing cost and energy savings methods in your facilities and businesses.

Oil and Gas Longevity

There has been a review of the amount of oil that is being consumed by businesses and homes throughout the globe. According to a recent analysis by the Review of World Energy, there are only sufficient amounts of oil left to supply homes and businesses for 40 plus years. This measurement is based on the current rate of global oil production.

The projected life of gas resources is nearly as bleak. Current estimates put proven gas reserves to last about 55 years or so if the global use remains constant.

Phosphorus Use

The one element that is essential to making plants greener and is also used in fertilizer is phosphorus. Plants need this natural resource to grow and thrive. As the number of people on the planet continues to grow, scientists estimate that phosphorus will be depleted in the next 100 years.

Coal Depletion

Coal has been one of the most reliable as well as essential natural resources that is used by both industry and homes for heat and electrical power. Experts have estimated that the Earth less than 200 years of global coal production left until all supplies are exhausted.

Fresh Water

As many populations around the globe continue to experience drought as well as a diminishing ability to access fresh water, the need exceeds the supply. Recent droughts in California showcase the necessity to have fresh water and how rationing it may soon become mandatory unless conservation and other environmental green measures are utilized.

Your Responsibility

As a building owner or facilities or maintenance manager, you have the ability to utilize energy efficient measures like insulating pipes, ducts and equipment that will reduce your carbon footprint conserve resources.

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