Does Your Business Have Superior Energy Performance?

Posted by |FAQs|January 3, 2014


Business recognition and awards of excellence increase customer trust while opening the door to ongoing loyalty. You can deepen the public’s perception of your business’s responsibility and community engagement, and the process is even sweeter when you’re able to save money while receiving federal energy department accolades.

High Standards for Superior Energy Performance

A new program called Superior Energy Performance™ (SEP) has established high standards for energy management. SEP certification validates a business’s commitment to energy efficiency. Third-party verification serves to provide public validation of your energy-saving achievements and commitments to high-quality management of energy use.

The only Department of Energy (DOE)-backed certification program in the nation – the ANSI-ANAB, are accredited verification bodies designed to select SEP Lead Auditors and Performance Verifiers to perform facility audits, a two-step process for certification. All validated, certified businesses will receive validation awards, and be registered on their website.

How Mechanical Insulation Helps You Accomplish Certification

One of the requirements to meet the DOE audits for certification includes proving that your building insulation provides the most energy saving opportunities possible. They will also be looking for:

  • Fire and smoke safety
  • Mould and mildew prevention
  • Protection from corrosion
  • Buffers for noise

To meet Code and other mandatory requirements, superior energy performance means proving thermal performance and preventing heat transfer. This is best achieved through use of mechanical insulation. The superior energy performance of mechanical insulation affects the long term costs of building maintenance, energy consumption and any greenhouse gas emissions.

Mechanical insulation has broad, varied effects towards achieving superior energy performance while also supporting energy audit certification.

Get started on your way to Superior Energy Performance and request an energy audit today.

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