Commercial Energy Audits Cut Costs

Posted by |Industry News|January 29, 2014


An energy audit is a process that assesses energy flow to determine possible areas a building can save on energy consumption. Besides saving energy, audits can help you cut down on energy costs.

The Appraisal Process

  • Interview: The appraisal team finds out specific details regarding your facility, like the scope of your energy usage and distribution systems.
  • Facility Walkthrough: The Certified Insulation Energy Appraiser measures all pipes, ducts and vessels, including insulated and uninsulated sections. This phase also enables the appraisal personnel to decide on low cost techniques to use for the insulation system upgrade.
  • Data Calculation: The next step is calculating the information gathered during the interview and facility walkthrough using specialized software.
  • Reporting: This step is all about savings. The appraiser will calculate the final savings for each line.

Benefits of the Energy Appraisal Process

After viewing the reports and spreadsheets of inventoried pipes and equipment, many people have found that insulating bare piping, valves, or condensate lines can add significant savings to their facility’s bottom line. Or, they might receive affirmation that they’ve been doing things right all along. Whether you want to increase the energy and cost savings in your plant or facility or just want confirmation from a Certified Energy Appraiser that you’re on the right track, energy audits are the answer.

To find out more about how an energy audit can save money and energy, contact us.

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