Announcing New Solar Power Opportunities for the Community

Posted by |Industry News|April 7, 2016


At NCMI, we have always been advocates for reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Our company was built on helping businesses and facilities save money and resources through high quality mechanical insulation.

Now, I’m excited to announce my newest initiative to help the Vermont community invest in a bright energy future.

The North Country Mechanical Insulators building will soon be the new home of a solar power array installed by Green Mountain Energy Design, the 384 modules of which will produce enough power to provide a significant amount of homes and businesses with solar energy. With an ideal building structure and location for capturing the sun’s power, I am thrilled that individuals and businesses will have the opportunity to reap the benefits of solar energy through this Net Metering Community project.

How the Project Works

A solar array will be housed on the roof of the NCMI building, and households or businesses will have the opportunity to invest in as many modules as are needed to cover their power bill (This opportunity is currently only available for Green Mountain Power customers). For the people who invest in shares of the array, this community-supported project will provide all of the benefits of using solar power without any of the usual hassles or hang-ups.

As an example, an average home would need approximately 18 solar modules to cover their entire power bill, or about 4.7% of the total available modules. The best part for households and businesses is that participants in this project can take advantage of the 30% federal tax credit for using solar panels without having to purchase or deal with their own solar equipment.

Who Should Consider Investing?

You’re a Green Mountain Power customer who wants to use solar, but…

  • You don’t have any room for the equipment on your home or building.
  • Your home or building can’t support solar equipment.
  • You don’t want to have the added expense of insuring your solar array.
  • Your location is too shady.
  • You don’t want to house the equipment on your property.

As an energy advocate, I am passionate about bringing this project to the community. If you’re interested in finding out more, feel free to contact me at

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