5 Ways to Maximize Your Building’s Energy Efficiency in the New Year

Posted by |Industry News|January 16, 2014


The new year isn’t just a great time to make resolutions for yourself—it’s also an opportunity to begin with a fresh start for your building! Efficiency is less costly than energy for both your wallet and the environment, so here are 5 ways you can boost your energy efficiency in 2014.

  1. How Low Can You Go? How much energy does your building really need to operate? Start by assessing your true energy needs and determine the best course of action for meeting your optimal operating budget. Should you install high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, or retrofit your pipes so that you don’t need to? Start the year by assessing the real cost of energy in your building.
  2. Seal the Gaps. Perform an audit on every door, window, and any other cracks where air could be sneaking through and seal them up. Check weather stripping and replace if necessary.
  3. Get Control. Take advantage of HVAC controls like lights with sensors and programmable thermostats. There’s no need to waste energy when no one’s around to use it. And don’t forget to maximize your use of natural light by cleaning window spaces.
  4. Stop Leaking Ducts. Some studies show that leaking ductwork is one of the primary construction defects in commercial buildings, resulting in 10-15 percent leakage. How can you tell if your ducts are causing major energy—and money—problems? Get a professional energy audit.
  5. Get Involved. A huge part of the energy efficiency of your building is the behavior of you and your employees or tenants. Reward facilities maintenance staff when they do a superb job reducing waste, and encourage everyone to get on the same team when it comes to reducing energy and water consumption.

Are you ready to increase your building’s energy efficiency for 2014? The first step is knowing how much you could be saving. Request an energy audit and discover how mechanical insulation can improve your energy initiatives in the new year.

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