University Health Center

  • Academic medical center located in Burlington, VT.
  • Consists of five major campuses.
  • Incorporated in 1971.
  • Mission: “Improve the health of the people in the communities they serve by integrating patient care, education and research in a caring environment.”

The Challenge

University Health Center (UHC) spends over $3,100 annually and 4.86E +05 Energy in BTUs to heat and maintain the temperature of the building utilizing their previous uninsulated system. As a customer of Vermont Gas Systems (VGS), UHC wanted to take advantage of the VGS Efficiency Program, which offers financial incentives for the installation of more efficient natural gas equipment and systems.

The Efficiency Program is designed to reduce natural gas consumption and peak-day demand by encouraging VGS’ commercial and industrial customers to improve the energy efficiency of natural gas space, water, and/or process equipment.

The Solution

In order for UHC to meet VGS’s requirements for more energy-efficient process equipment, NCMI overhauled the mechanical insulation within the facility at UHC; from insulation demolition and removal, to design and installation of the new insulation system. VGS paid an incentive of $4,800 for UHC to perform the project.

The Results

After NCMI’s overhaul and insulation throughout the facility, there is an annual savings of over $2,800 annually, $400 more than VGS’s $2,400 first-year cost savings prediction. In addition to cost savings with the installation by NCMI, UHC prevented over 60,000 lbs. of CO2 and 122 lbs. of NOX from entering the atmosphere. This is the approximate equivalent of taking five cars off the road for a year.

The overall cost of the project was $6,900, giving UHC an ROI of fewer than 2.5 years. However, because of Vermont Gas’s $4,800 incentive contribution, UHC has an ROI of only 8 months.

Save Money
and Energy

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