Spruce Peak at Stowe
Mountain Resort

Spruce Peak is a luxurious alpine village resort that embodies the world-class accommodations Stowe, Vermont is known for. As a hospitality complex that serves thousands of people each year, Spruce Peak faces its share of energy management challenges. NCMI implemented insulation solutions that provided thousands of dollars in energy savings.

The Parking Garage

Fiberglass insulation prevents condensation on the rain leaders. Fiberglass insulation is also used to help mitigate heat loss and condensation on the process piping leading to the boiler room in the basement of the facility.

The Penthouse

We fire-wrapped the ducts to provide a fire barrier in case of potential grease fire. Two layers offers two hours of fire protection. Firewrap has excellent insulating capabilities, low weight, and thin profile. It is an ideal choice for a duct enclosure system.

The air plenum sweats when the outside air is a different temperature than the inside air. Installing 3” ¾ lb. duct wrap was a simple solution to the potential problem.

We insulated cooling units utilizing Armaflex rubber as well as “no sweat” reusable valve wraps to prevent condensation and potential mold growth.

The Boiler Room

In the boiler room, we insulated all of the process piping. We prevented heat loss and saved the resort hundreds of thousands of dollars in emissions, chilled water, and glycol lines. The insulation we installed also helps prevent condensation and mold growth.

Save Money
and Energy

With an insulation energy appraisal