Plymouth State University

Plymouth State University in Plymouth, New Hampshire was expanding. In order to accommodate the university’s growth, PSU decided to updated an existing dormitory, known as Geneva Smith Residence Hall. First constructed in 1968, the residence hall was in need of updated floor configurations of the dorm rooms, updated bathrooms for modern code requirements, and wanted to add common areas throughout the building.

The Project’s Needs

The 54,000SF project included mechanical, electrical and plumbing upgrades. NCMI worked with Granite State Plumbing and Heating out of Weare, NH, to see that all of the insulation needs were met to create an updated residence hall operating with modern efficiency.

Insulation Solutions

The rooftop ductwork was insulated with 1 1/2″ thick fiberglass board insulation protected by 3M Venture Clad. Interior ductwork was insulated with 1 ½” duct wrap.Mechanical spaces were insulated with a variety of different materials. Steam and condensate receivers and air separators received 1 ½” thick flexible fiberglass pipe and tank insulation. Expansion tanks received 1” thick pipe and tank. Heat exchangers received 2” pipe and tank with protective .016 embossed aluminum jacketing.

Save Money
and Energy

With an insulation energy appraisal