Otter Creek Brewing

Otter Creek brewing in Middlebury, VT is known for their creative and innovative products. With their increased success came the need for bigger capacity so that they could keep doing what they do best—making great beer. As part of the brewery expansion, NCMI provided insulation solutions that contributed to making the facility safe and energy efficient.

The Boiler Room

Part of the Otter Creek Brewing expansion involved a new boiler room to meet the increased system demand. NCMI fitted fiberglass insulation for increased efficiency, condensation control, and personnel protection.

The Brew House

The new Otter Creek brew house involved steam piping, condensate piping, hot water and hot water return, and chilled water for brewing. Our solution included layered fiberglass insulation protected by PVC jacketing for moisture resistance. Chilled water was insulated with Armaflex insulation and waterproofed with PVC.

The Boiler Room

In the boiler room, we insulated all of the process piping. We prevented heat loss and saved the resort hundreds of thousands of dollars in emissions, chilled water, and glycol lines. The insulation we installed also helps prevent condensation and mold growth.

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