Neenah Paper

Neenah Paper is a world-class manufacturer of various paper types and products. Their concerns for a New England manufacturing branch began with an interest in heat lost in older steam piping. After a facility energy audit by NCMI, the project’s solution then focused on two priorities: personnel safety, and energy savings.

The Facility’s Challenge

Originally, Neenah Paper approached NCMI looking for a Mechanical Insulation Energy Appraisal to determine how much energy they were losing to their existing system of insulated steam piping. During the walk-through audit of the facility, NCMI took thermal images to determine the possible ROI Neenah Paper could expect after a thorough mechanical insulation project. Two main concerns were raised: heat loss from old and damaged steam piping insulation, and the safety of personnel around this piping.

Paper Machine

The paper machines themselves create an incredible amount of heat. The paper manufacturing process itself can create excessive condensation on piping, which leads to water damage if piping and machinery is left unprotected. These extreme conditions had worn down the piping over the years.

Replacing Existing Insulation

As you can see, the existing insulation wasn’t cutting it. Water damage, excessive condensation and abuse over time had destroyed what insulation once protected both piping and employees.

NCMI’s Solution

Our installers insulated this live system, taking extreme caution not to touch the burning pipes. Every foot of insulation they install cools the air around them that much more. The end result was a safer working environment for personnel, and a more efficient processing system thanks to much lower heat loss from the steam piping.

Save Money
and Energy

With an insulation energy appraisal