Magic Hat Brewing Co.

Magic Hat Brewing Company, located in South Burlington, VT, has been growing since 1994. NCMI insulated three new brewing tanks and some additional piping throughout the facility as part of a recent small expansion. Plant management knows it is crucial to keep the brewing facility up-to-date and as efficient as possible to lower overhead cost and reduce emissions.

Brewery Piping

NCMI insulated the brewery piping to prevent condensation and maintain optimal operating temperature of the tanks, which is critical for controlling the brewing process.

Plant Optimization

We utilized “No Sweat” reusable valve wraps to allow operators to turn valves off and on, and to allow for easy reinstallation. Additionally, we replaced damaged and wet insulation to prevent mold growth and increase the efficiency of the supply and return piping.

Save Money
and Energy

With an insulation energy appraisal