Lawson’s Finest Liquids

Lawson’s Finest Liquids is a Vermont brewery that was originally established in Warren, VT. In 2018, the operations expanded to a new brewery, taproom and retail store in Waitsfield, VT to meet the growing demand in-state and out-of-state for their beer.

NCMI worked as a subcontractor under VHV for the Lawson’s Brewery and Taproom projects.

Exterior Ductwork

In order to best prepare the new construction for seasonal Vermont weather, the ductwork of the air handling unit needed to be insulated. The exterior supply and return ductwork were insulated with a 2″ thick polyisocyanurate foam specifically engineered for exterior insulation. The ductwork insulation was then protected by a 3M VentureClad embossed aluminum jacketing.

Exterior Piping

Piping systems on the exterior of the facility also received a protective jacketing. To create a durable, vapor barrier around the fiberglass pipe insulation and protect the piping itself from the elements, a .016 embossed aluminum jacketing was applied.

Insulated Interior Piping

Within the brewery, insulation was installed for the domestic water, hot water, steam, and steam condensate to improve facility efficiency and minimize thermal losses while protecting personnel from high contact temperatures. Fiberglass pipe insulation ranging from 1” to 3” thick was used on the in-wall piping and throughout mechanical spaces. Exposed steam and condensate lines also received a durable .016 embossed aluminum jacketing.

On the Brewhouse Floor

Piping on the brewhouse floor not only needs to be insulated for efficiency, durability, and personnel protection, but the insulation installed must be food-grade quality. NCMI utilized a Polyisocyanurate insulation within the brewhouse with field applied PVC jacketing. Each seam was sealed chemically to ensure the installation was food-grade quality.

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