Jay Peak Resort

With a year-round indoor water park, indoor ice arena, championship golf course, and prime skiing conditions, Jay Peak Resort has earned a place as one of New England’s top vacation destinations. The challenges of efficiently operating and maintaining such a facility can be complex. NCMI implemented insulation solutions to maximize facility energy efficiency and improve process control.

The Pump House Indoor Water Park

An indoor water park presents its own unique challenges of condensation control, energy loss prevention, and process control. NCMI’s solution included insulating the process piping as well as the Heat Recovery Unit (HRU). The HRU saves energy by utilizing heat from the outgoing stale air of the water park to warm up fresh air intake. NCMI insulated the pipes and tank, and protected them with 3M ventureclad to weatherproof the insulation—a necessity in a climate like Vermont.

The Hotel Jay Mechanical Room

Insulation was used to mitigate condensation and prevent mold growth. Fiberglass was used to prevent heat loss and armaflex was used on chilled water lines.

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