Franklin Memorial Hospital

In any healthcare facility, proper mechanical insulation is a crucial component of efficient operations and patient health and comfort. At Franklin Memorial Hospital in Farmington, Maine, NCMI discovered that some ductwork insulation on the roof had become saturated with water and was deteriorating. We knew that we needed to address this challenge and prevent it from happening again to ensure optimal energy, cost savings, and operational efficiency.

Insulating and Protecting

During the demolition phase of the process, we removed over 200 square yards of existing damaged insulation. The ducts are shown here before weatherproofing.

The Final Result

The Results

After NCMI’s overhaul and insulation throughout the facility, there is an annual savings of over $2,800 annually, $400 more than VGS’s $2,400 first-year cost savings prediction. In addition to cost savings with the installation by NCMI, UHC prevented over 60,000 lbs. of CO2 and 122 lbs. of NOX from entering the atmosphere. This is the approximate equivalent of taking five cars off the road for a year.

The overall cost of the project was $6,900, giving UHC an ROI of fewer than 2.5 years. However, because of Vermont Gas’s $4,800 incentive contribution, UHC has an ROI of only 8 months.

Save Money
and Energy

With an insulation energy appraisal