Collaborative Brewing

Collaborative Brewing Co. is a small 3.5 barrel brewery located in the Mad River Valley in Waitsfield, VT. The brewery was named after its purpose: to collaborate with other established breweries to create new beers and keep a variety of brews on tap at bars throughout Vermont. In order to find the ideal insulation solution for this small batch brewery, NCMI provided a budget-driven plan that optimized savings for a brewery of Collaborative Brewing’s scale.

The Challenge

Collaborative Brewing reached out to NCMI to insulate the hot water and domestic lines throughout the brewery, as well as the cold water lines that run through the warehouse next door. The insulation project would not only save energy for the facility but reduce condensation on water lines and provided personnel with a safer work environment as well.

NCMI provided Collaborative Brewing with several insulation options based on their needs, their size, and the cost of the installation itself. This way, Collaborative Brewing could make the investment that made the most sense for their brewery.

The Solution

A fiberglass pipe cover with ASJ (All Service Jacket) was the final insulation of choice. Fiberglass pipe cover offered the facility a cost-effective solution that would hold up well over time.

To further protect the insulation, only the ‘drops’ were jacketed with an .020 PVC jacketing, to keep the project on budget. This waterproof layer protects the fiberglass insulation from overspray, and protects both the fiberglass and ASJ from scratches, bumps, and the general wear and tear of every day at a brewery.

Save Money
and Energy

With an insulation energy appraisal