Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass is a versatile insulator manufactured from inorganic glass fibers bonded with a thermosetting resin. Fiberglass can be used in sandwich board, duct wrap, or pipe cover.

Common Applications


Inorganic glass fibers for a variety of applications. Common pipe and duct insulation.

A range of fiberglass products available to use allow for a wide variety of applications. They include:

  • 800 Series Spin-Glass – A fiberglass board insulation designed for commercial and industrial HVAC systems
  • Microlite FSK Formandyde – free duct wrap – A foil-lined blanket insulation for the exterior of HVAC systems
  • Micro-Lok – A pipe insulation for hot, cold, concealed or exposed piping systems
  • Mico-Flex – A semi-rigid fiberglass blanket for large diameter pipes, ducts and vessels

Low Cost Fiberglass Properties

  • R-value at one inch thickness: 4.3-4.5 (800 Series Spin-Glass board)
  • Generally easy to install
  • Service temperatures vary by products, some rated for temperatures as high as 850 F
  • Outdoor applications require weatherproof jacket

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