Aerogels are created by combining a polymer and a solvent to form a gel, and then removing the liquid from the gel to be replaced with air, resulting in one of the most effective insulation materials in existence.

Common Applications

Aerogel insulation is well-suited for extreme high and low temperatures, places where space is extremely limited, and any water applications, including steam piping and in refineries. Other key applications include:

  • Steam distribution
  • Chemical processing
  • Cryogenic LNG piping
  • Power generation
  • Aerospace and defense systems
  • Subsea industry
  • Construction and building insulation

Aerogel Insulation Properties

  • Service temperature up to 1,200F for Pyrogel products
  • Nominal thickness of only 5 or 10 mm depending on product and application
  • Extremely low thermal conductivity (performance ranges between 14.5-21 mW/m-K)

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