Mineral Wool

Mineral Wool

Mineral wool is a woven or drawn fiber insulator made of mostly inorganic components such as molten glass, stone, or slag combined with a thermosetting resin binder. High temperature mineral is an especially dense form of the mineral wool designed for extreme heat settings.

High Temp Mineral Wool Overview

Common Applications

Conditions that require precise temperature control or are likely to experience extreme heat are a good fit for high temperature mineral wool. Examples include:

  • Precision-cut coverings for hot or cold piping
  • Cold boxes using cryogenic gas separation technology
  • Chemical columns or industrial vessels
  • Extreme heat industrial applications including blast furnaces and hot water boilers
High Temp Mineral Wool Properties
  • Service temperature as high as 2,000 F
  • Low density compared to traditional refractory materials
  • Low heat capacity

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