Insulation Jacketing

Insulation Jacketing

Jackets contain and protect insulation, which can lead to a longer lifespan of the mechanical insulation itself. Jacketing is also essential for weather and water-proofing insulation materials. Jacket materials include PVC, stainless steel, and aluminum, of varying thicknesses based on application.

Insulation Jacketing Overview

Common Applications

Jacketing serves to protect the insulation itself, and contributes to the overall thermal conductivity. Jacketing can serve as a vapor barrier, weatherproofing, and UV protection, which can degrade insulation through exposure.

  • All-service jackets (ASJ)
  • HVAC system ducts and pipes
  • Corrosive chemical piping
  • High processing temperature systems
  • PVC fitting covers and jacketing for insulated or bare pipes
  • Aluminium foil facing on Microlite duct wrap insulation
  • Reinforced foil and paper with an fire-resistant adhesive for fiberglass sandwich board insulation
  • Polypropylene-scrim-polyester for a paper-free fiberglass sandwich board
  • Polymer/foil facers for polyisocyanurate sandwich boards

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