Cellular Glass (FOAMGLAS)

Cellular Glass (FOAMGLAS)

Cellular glass insulation is a light-weight, rigid material made of sealed glass cells, each of which is an insulating entity. It achieves excellent fire without the use of flame retardants.

Cellular Glass Insulation Overview

Common Applications

While a less-efficient as a thermal insulator than more commonly-used foam insulators, cellular glass insulation features properties particularly beneficial for long term applications, including zero water vapor permeability, and zero combustibility. Long-lasting outdoor installations that require little maintenance are especially well suited:

  • Hot oil and hot asphalt storage tanks
  • Oil and chemical processing systems
  • Commercial piping and ductwork
Cellular Glass Insulation Properties
  • R-value at one-inch thickness: 3.2
  • Service temperature range: -430F to 900F
  • Average compressive strength: 90 PSI
  • Water-vapor permeability: 0 inches
  • 0 combustibility
  • Long-term dimensional stability
  • Resistant to vermin

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