Energy Rebates Available For Vermont Gas Customers

You’re probably familiar with the energy rebates and incentives offered by Vermont Gas for replacing equipment in your commercial building with more energy-efficient models. But there is another rebate opportunity through Vermont Gas that you may not be aware of.

When you insulate the mechanical systems in your facility, the energy savings is significant. So significant, in fact, that your business may qualify for a custom mechanical insulation rebate based on how much gas your facility is able to save through the simple act of insulating.

How It Works

  • Facility Walk-ThroughWork with North Country Mechanical Insulators to determine your business’s potential energy savings. We perform a facility walkthrough–at no cost to you–with measurements and custom calculations to generate your fuel cost savings projection.
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  • Insulation Rebate OpportunitiesWe share your energy savings report with Vermont Gas so that they can determine your company’s individual insulation rebate opportunities.
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  • Maximize Energy SavingsNCMI installs your new or upgraded mechanical insulation system, using the materials and techniques that have been identified to maximize the energy savings for your facility.
  • Save Money on EnergyWatch your energy costs go down over time!

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