This closed-cell, rigid foam insulation is made from recycled materials. Also referred to as polyisocyanurate, it’s a thermoset plastic ideal for use in roofing, walls and ceilings. It exhibits superior shape retention at extreme temperatures than standard polyurethane insulation.

Polyisocyanurate Overview

Common Applications

Polyisocyanurate (also known as Polyiso and PIR) comes in bunstock to make pipe insulation or for other custom insulation jobs. It can also come in come in sandwich boards for use in building insulation.

  • Ideal for low slope roof construction and commercial walls
  • Industrial pipe insulation (including elbows and fittings)
  • Insulation for shipping containers, tanks, and railcars
Polyiso Properties
  • Approximate R-value at one inch thickness: 5.3-6.5 (depends on specific product and manufacturer)
  • Approximate compressive strength: 26 PSI
  • Fire spread and smoke development indexes appropriate for pipe insulation in non-plenum areas
  • Moisture resistant
  • Like other cellular polymers, will decay in the presence of ultraviolet light. Must be shielded from sunligh

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